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News — Coffee

Iced Coffee Recipe

Want a little repast to calm you down and at the same time pick you up Why not try some of our iced coffee recipes

Foamy Iced Coffee Recipe

For this, you need ¼ cup of instant coffee, ¼ cup of sugar, ¼ cup of hot water and 4 cups of cold milk. Mix everything together for several minutes or until the coffee and sugar are dissolved in the mixture. Next, pour the mixture into a blender or milk shake maker and add milk. The result is a very foamy iced coffee drink that is best served in a mug...

Coffee: The Story

Ethiopia the birthplace of coffee with a goat herder Kaldi noticing how energic his goats were after eating the berries from a certain tree

Coffee later spread to Yemeni in the 15th century and by the 16th century it had reached Persia, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey.

The growing and the drinking of coffee spread around the world rapidly. Coffee drinkers know how to drink a cup of coffee but how many of those know the details of coffee, sources or the formulations of each cup. These are the basic information about coffee.


In Europe, the coffee was first imported to Italy. The...

Coffee Black As Hell Strong As Death Sweet As Love

What variety is it and where do all these exotic tasting beans grow

Let’s take a quick tour

The African country of Ethiopia is where Coffee growing first originated. Today it is hard to imagine that the country’s main coffee plantations still consist of mainly wild coffee tree forests just like it was when it was first discovered centuries ago.

From these humble beginnings coffee bean production and consumption has spread like wild fire throughout the world. In the twenty-first century coffee has grown to become the second largest international market globally, second only to oil in dollar value terms.

Coffee is...


Coffee is a plant However before it can be drunk it must pass through a number of stages and travel thousands of miles

Coffee beans come from the red cherries of the coffea bush. Each cherry usually contains two seeds, or coffee beans. The exception to this is the Peaberry, where only one bean is produced. The flavour a bean produces is affected by where the coffea bush is grown. Soil, climate and altitude all alter the way coffee tastes; this is why, for example, coffee from Columbia will differ in taste from region to region and from year to...

Buying A Great Coffee Machine

You rely on coffee to get your day started depend on it to keep you going during the day and love to finish your evening meal with a cup

However, you are stuck in a rut buying the same old brand from your supermarket, without giving much thought to what you really want from your coffee. If this sounds familiar you might want to consider spending a little time exploring the many types of coffee available today, and choosing a selection to suit your particular tastes.

Some useful ingredients for coffee tasting at home include a good supply of filtered water...